Letter to those Foreign Forces that are oppressing us

You have already spilled a lot of Blood, with your policies and your Armed Military Interventions.

The chaotic state into which we have been forced, has reduced us, the Citizens of Kivu to live as refugees in our own country.

The will of those powers which where in Berlin, and then of those foreign powers thereafter which have forced us to live in tents, away from our own homes and forced us to flee into refugee camps, it has been ironically laid down by those same ones who in the first place caused this chaos to happen.

It has been the will of others, and not the will of our People, that has systematically been imposed upon us, by force and oppression, and by the point of a gun barrel.

We ask, if it’s not asking too much, to live in Freedom. The result of your decisions and actions have brought us nothing more, nothing less than: Pain, Suffering and Misery.

Leave us alone and do not bother us any more!

The Population lives today in confusion, they don’t know if you are there to protect them or to kill them, as many atrocities have been committed with your complicity.
You have systematically allowed atrocities to happen, your men fornicate with our women creating confusion and social unrest, the result is families disunited, children that are not accepted by the families nor their peers (the other children).

Your officers have private dealings and commercially trade with Rebel militias, etc….

And you claim that your mission comes from the society of the UN, the same society that has at its heart a non elected Government, “The People’s Republic of China”, a so called member that has broken every single article of the UN Charter, a so called government that is both illegitimate in origin and criminal in its essence.

A so called government that has no legitimacy what so ever, a government that has invaded the Country of Tibet, massacred its people and subjects its population to object misery, widespread starvation, humiliation and servitude of the entire Country and Nation of Tibet, not to mention the total lack of personal freedom which is written in the Charter of the United Nations but which is denied to every Tibetan Native.

To this, and to put it mildly, how can we contemplate the seriousness of such an organization.

Is this the example forced and imposed on us?

What can we conclude of this society, other than to think that the same is a parody.
With this same thought we are forced to arrive, sadly to the same conclusion that of President Lyndon B. Johnson concerning this same organization.

Please let us Citizens of Kivu live like Free and Independent Human Beings, and please take your weapons and military personnel away, your presence here is not welcomed and we do not want you. Could you please leave us alone!

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