Kivu an Agricultures Paradise Coffee, Quinine, Tea, Pyrethrum, Native Beans, Bananas, Manioc, Taro, Sorghum, Millet, Sweet Potatoes with an unusual yield of 20 tons per acre. Bulrush, Lima beans, Soy Beans, Peanuts, Castor Oil, Squash, etc…

The United Republic of Kivu is the general name Kivu, covering a very broad geographical area. It borders on Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Lake Tanganyika on the east. The United Republic of Kivu is divided into three provinces, North Kivu, South Kivu, and Maniema.

Coffee, cotton, rice, and palm oil are produced, and tin and gold are mined.

The Ruwenzori mountains, Kahuzi-Biega National Park, and part of Maiko National Park are part of the United Republic of Kivu Territory.

The Government of the United Republic of Kivu invites international investours to invest in the United Republic of Kivu to firmly re-establish the coffee trade, rebuild mills, offer education toward specialty coffee production, and install a Fair Trade pricing model.

Kivu Peaberry Coffee
Country: United Republic of Kivu Grade: Region: Kivu, Eastern Africa Mark: Kivu "Katana" Peaberry
Processing: Wet-Processed Crop: Appearance: .8 d/300gr, PB 15-17 Screen Varietal: Unsure
Dry Fragrance (1-5) 3.6 Notes: The Kivu produced coffee, it does have a more rustic cup character than you find in the finely processed Rwandas from just across the border (and the lake, Lake Kivu). But we find the cup compelling. The dry grounds are intense, with fragrant cocoa, nut (macadamia nut), and vanilla notes. Add water and the rustic beast comes out a bit: fresh tobacco, wet earth but still a sweetness (molassesy) resides there. The cup is bright, as an East African coffee should be, but there is that unpredictable wild note too. Again, fresh tobacco with an earthy twist is the best descriptors for it. It's a little hidey, as a Yemen is, but there are delicate tea notes (Darjeeling), and even a trace of floral sweetness too. It holds up well to a darker roast level.
Wet Aroma (1-5) 3.4
Brightness - Acidity (1-10) 8.5
Flavor - Depth (1-10) 8.4
Body - Mouthfeel (1-5) 3.5
Finish - Aftertaste (1-10) 8.4
Cupper's Correction (1-5) 0 Intensity/Prime Attribute: Medium Intensity/ Cocoa
add 50 50 Roast: City + to FC+: I actually find it more intense in the lighter roast, but like the heavy bittersweet chocolate of the darker FC+ too.
Score (Max. 100) 85.8 Compare to: Somewhere between bright, cleaner African coffees and funky, earthy Indonesians.

Flavour and Quality Analysis of Kivu Coffee

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