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The copper and cobalt mining industry under the ilicit administration of the DRC controled Katanga, continues to be plagued by fraud, abuse and political interference


Global Witness’s research confirmed entrenched patterns of illicit exports of minerals across the DRC-Zambia border, with government and security officials either turning a blind eye to false or inaccurate export certificates, or actively colluding with trading companies to circumvent control procedures. Large quantities of minerals are leaving the country undeclared, representing a huge loss for the Congolese economy – but a vast gain for a small number of powerful actors. The big influx of foreign companies pouring into Katanga since 2004 has presented yet more opportunities for the political elite to enrich itself.

(DRC) Katanga Digging in corruption Report (PDF) English

(DRC) Katanga Une corruption profonde Report (PDF) French

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