Republic of Boyoma


Republic of Boyoma view of River near Kisangani

Republic of Boyoma view of River near Kisangani

Republic of Boyoma view of River near Kisangani

Republic of Boyoma

Oil Fields

Country Overview

The Republic of Boyoma is located in Central Southern Africa

Oil production is in Central Southern Africa, from the Blocks 1 & 2 located in the Albert Graben in the east of the country adjacent to its border with Uganda. The newly discovery oil blocks cover the entire area of Lake Albert that lies within the Republic of Boyoma, plus a smaller area onshore to the south of the lake adjacent to the Semliki flats in Uganda.

The Programme of Government

The Republic of Boyoma subscribes to the core values of Constitutional Democracy

Constitutional Democracy

The Ideological Foundations of State Administration are those of a Constitutional Democracy both in values, principles and policies:


- Life
- Liberty
- Freedom of press
- Freedom of speech


- Due process
- Protection against unreasonable search and seizure
- Rule of law
- Right to a speedy public trial by a jury


- Provide for safety and security
- Promote the general welfare


- Majorities have right to make political decisions
- Respect for differences
- Equal protection of the law
- Social equality
- Right to vote and seek office
- Equal employment opportunity
- Equal housing opportunity

Public Safety and Security

Without Safety and Security, good governance and the provision of all political goods, is impossible.

Security refers to a nation-state’s monopoly of violence. If there are insurgencies within the state, violence against the government in power, or rebellions against authority, the nation-state is neither safe nor secure for its people. Likewise, if the state is invaded from outside or has porous borders, the government of the nation-state cannot provide, as nation-states are mandated to do, a safe and secure environment for the pursuit of individual or group free endeavours within the nation-state.

Nor are the citizens of a modern nation-state safe or secure if the government in power cannot guarantee their personal security. Citizens demand to be free of mugging, car jacking, violent crime, and homicide. Thus, personal security is the second major component of the political good of safety and security. Countries with lower crime rates are supplying greater quantities and qualities of the safety segment of the political good of safety and security than those states where crime is rampant.

The control of the Level of violent crime in the streets.
Difficulty on the ease of access to small arms and light weapons and its tight regulation.

National Defence and Security

To establish a disciplined and well-trained and organized National Defence Forces.
To establish a well trained motivated Police Force to assure Public Safety of all citizens.
Providing solutions to prevent armed conflicts.

Providing foreign Refugees and asylum seekers originating from foreign countries a safe heaven, but only when in the best interest of the Nation, and only when genuine political refugees.

Rule of Law, Transparency and Corruption

Governments and governance cannot exist or function without the political good called Rule of Law. Such a designation refers to Common Law or to a codified, transparent method of adjudicating personal disputes of all kinds, formal and informal contractual obligations, and disputes between citizens and the nation-state, without resort to violence. Thus, nation-states with enforceable codes of law, nation-states that have adhered to international conventions and legal obligations, and nation-states with judicial mechanisms free of state control have stronger rule of law regimes and supply larger amounts of the political good of Rule of Law.

Ratification of all Critical Legal Norms
Judicial Independence and Efficiency of the Courts of Law
Eradication of Corruption

As the term “rule of law” highlights “the idea of laws enacted - laid down, legislated - by an authoritative body.” The protection of the citizen’s basic human rights and upheld the basic principles of democracy.

To promote the ratification of all Critical Legal Norms.

To promote the ratification of core international human rights conventions.

To assist in the implement of economic and political sanctions in those countries where there are known human rights violations.

To allow the draft of Laws on contracts and property rights and other important areas for which clear legal norms are key to the development of the economy.

To assure the Existence of an Independent and Efficient Judicial System.

To assure the Existence of the Judicial independence, based on the rule of law.

To assure the independence and Efficiency of the courts in all matters pertaining to legal justice.

To assure the Efficiency of national institutions regarding contract enforcement, Doing Business measures the efficiency (in days) of “contract enforcement following the evolution of a sale of goods dispute and tracking the time involved from the moment the plaintiff files the lawsuit until actual payment.”


To eradicate corruption in the Government and Public sector.

Citizens Participation and Human Rights

To promote the political good of political freedom has an essential tool to good governance. It includes Participation—the ability to contest elections freely; Respect for Basic Human Rights—all of the essential liberties and rights; and the Absence of Gender Discrimination.

To prevent discrimination, such as discrimination against ethnic groups and religious minorities (including ethnic) conflict. Without these components of political freedom, many other political goods that collectively compose good governance are difficult to exercise.

The Free and spontaneous Participation of each Citizens in the public and political life of the Nation.

To allow for Competitive Executive Elections, based on whether independent observer missions judge national elections to be “free and fair.”

Participation of main opposition candidates in Executive Elections.

Competitive Legislative Elections, based on whether official independent observer missions judge national elections to be “free and fair.”

Participation of main opposition candidates in legislative elections.

Respect for Civil and Political Rights of each State Citizens.

Respect for physical rights (absence of extra judicial killing, disappearances, torture, and political imprisonment).

Respect for civil rights (freedom of movement, political participation, worker's rights, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion).

To assure Press freedom at the most basic level.

To assure Absence of Gender Discrimination.

To advance Women’s Economic Rights.

To promote Women’s Political Rights.

To progress Women’s Social Rights.

Sustainable Economic Opportunity

To create and maintain Sustainable Economic Opportunities is an essential political good. Well-governed nation-states enable their citizens to pursue personal entrepreneurial goals and potentially prosper. They do so by providing regulatory frameworks conducive to such prosperity and by creating stable and forward-looking macroeconomic and fiscal policy environments that facilitate and encourage national and personal wealth creation. Arteries of commerce—a robust physical communications and transportation infrastructure—are also critical to the achievement of these national and personal objectives. Significant, too, is the extent to which African countries are safeguarding their environments. Doing so assists in sustaining economic opportunity. In order to measure the extent to which nation-states are providing this essential political good and its components.

To incentive Wealth Creation.

To monitor and maintain in a prosper level the GDP per capita.

To allow for Local and National Economic growth.

To allow and maintain Macroeconomic Stability and Financial Integrity.

To implement the necessary financial mechanisms of good economical governance and responsible control of the annual inflation rates.

To control and account for Government budget deficits and surpluses as a percentage of GDP.

To establish the Reliability of financial institutions and monitor the overall local and national business environment.


Lower taxes benefit all citizens, creating jobs and allowing citizens to make more decisions for themselves about their lives.

Lower taxes allow more spending, saving, and investing which helps the economy - that means all citizens.

The economy and independence as a nation is increasingly in the hands of foreign governments such as the Communist and totalitarian regime of the Peoples Republic of China, this musty be brought to a full stop.

Corporate ethics

The bottom line for corporations is making a profit. Self-interest is a reliable motivator, and when it can be channelled in positive ways, society benefits. This positive channelling will occur only if corporate behaviour is constrained by ethical principles.

In the economic realm, as in all areas of life, self-interest must be balanced with responsibility for others. Experience shows that many businesses will operate in a responsible manner only if they are subjected to clear regulations and careful scrutiny.

Many business people are very conscientious, and attempt to function in socially responsible ways. Sometimes they are successful. However, in the absence of appropriate regulations, businesses that do attempt to operate in a responsible manner sometimes find they simply cannot compete with their less scrupulous competitors.

For businesses to be able to function in responsible ways requires attention to the “rules of the game” within which competition must take place.

Arteries of Commerce

The density of a nation’s road network (both paved and unpaved) per square kilometre of national land.

The supply, availability, reliability and access of electricity to the population.

The development of each African nation infrastructures of Land Line and Mobile (cellular) telephone network. Promoting and allowing free access to the Internet and promote the access to Computers.

Environmental Sensitivity

Environmental health, air quality, water resources, productive natural resources, biodiversity and habitat, and sustainable energy. Reduction of environmental stresses on human health and promotion of ecosystem vitality and natural resource management.

Human Development

Governments are charged by their constituents with supplying the political good of effective human development. Everywhere, especially in Africa, citizens expect their governments to provide opportunities for educational advancement, health care and medical and sanitary services, and poverty mitigation and alleviation.
The Federation of African Free States is determined to assist and help its affiliated Sovereign Nation States to eradicate National Poverty; the percent of all nationals live on less than US$1 day (the globally recognized poverty figure).
To implement the mechanisms that permits and allows a fair an equal national distribution of income.

Publicly Funded Health Care

Publicly funded health care financed entirely or in majority part by citizens' tax payments.

Health Outcomes:
To improve the Life expectancy at birth.
To prevent Infant mortality.
To prevent Maternal mortality.

To tackle Undernourishment in Africa to eradicate the percentage of the population whose food intake is below the minimum dietary energy requirements.
To increase the percentage of children immunized against measles.

To increase the percentage of children; aged 12-23 months immunized against diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), and tetanus (DPT).
To provide treatment to people living with HIV, by using traditional methods and new discovery treatments.
To control and treatment for all TB cases (incidence).
To provide to all African Citizens Access to qualified physicians: and increase the density of physicians per 1000 people.
To provide to all African Citizens Access to trained nurses: and increase density of nurses per 1000 people
To establish an infrastructure that will enable the total of the population with access to potable water.

Educational Opportunity

To establish and maintain a high level of Adult literacy.

To establish and maintain a high level of Adult literacy among women, men and children.

To establish and maintain a high level of Primary school completion rate (the percentage of school-aged children who complete the last year of primary school)
To establish and maintain a high level of Primary school completion rate among girls.

To establish and maintain a high level of Pupil/Teacher ratio in primary schools.

To establish and maintain a high level of Persistence: Progression of all students from primary to secondary school.

Social Security

The establishment of a fully working African Social Welfare Service concerned with social protection, or protection against socially recognized conditions, including poverty, old age, disability, unemployment and others.

1. Social insurance, where people receive benefits or services in recognition of contributions to an insurance scheme. These services will include provision for retirement pensions, disability insurance, survivor benefits and unemployment insurance.
2. Income maintenance; distribution of cash in the event of interruption of employment, including retirement, disability and unemployment.
3. Basic General Security, African citizens access to basic necessities; such as food, clothing, shelter, education and medical care.

African Independence and Sovereignty

So called free trade deals and world governmental organizations are a threat to independence as nations. They transfer power from our African governments to unelected foreign elites, such as the Communist Peoples Republic of China.

Withdrawal from all and any organizations and trade deals that infringe upon the freedom and independence of the African States.

CHARTER OF THE FFSA Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 to Divide Africa
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Coconut oil


Federation of the Free States of Africa
Economical and Defence Alliance
Commonwealth of Free States of Africa
International Organization of Emerging African States

Established 2007



Secretary General
Mangovo Ngoyo

Email: [email protected]

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