Federation of the Free States of Africa
Economical and Defence Alliance
Commonwealth of Free States of Africa

The African Federation also known as the "African League for Peace and Prosperity"; is an Alliance of Sovereign African States, it’s aims and purpose are to promote democracy, freedom and peace in Africa.



Like the phoenix that revives from its ashes so does the Sovereign States of Central Kongo, Kabinda, Great Kasai, United Kivu and Katanga, rejuvenated under a new Defence, Cultural and Economical Alliance, The Great African Federation it aims to be a “de facto” alliance for cooperation in the mutual defence and further secure our national and traditional borders in existence since time immemorial, and to promote and preserve the Cultural awareness and identity of its local native Tribes.

One of the main aims of the Alliance is to enable and to promote the Rule of Law and to implement the practice of transparency of Good Governance in all areas and territories by them controlled and governed.

Africa came from far. Along the years it survived from a lot of changes it suffered. Which changes have affected individuals’ groups. The colonisation is one of the phenomena that deeply affected human beings. Ethnical groups that formed powerful and organised Kingdoms were dissected and mixed up with other ethnics to make artificial countries which have proven difficult to administer and govern.
This mixture originated a progressive loss of identity and culture in a constantly evolving world. Therefore several methods have been set up to keep up original cultural elements from generation to generation. People lost in their past are even appealing to genealogy trees in order they find out their origins.

Unjustly split by European Colonial powers, the Traditional Nations of Central Africa and its People have become spread and found themselves misplaces in different countries and countless its children taken around the world as slaves. And in most countries they were attached to they are mistreated by the local governments which are more interested in sacking their lands’ wealth than in improving their conditions of life.

We believe that there is a need in the African People to know their fellows, each other necessities and join strengths in order to come out of this neo-slavery. And this Institution stands for that. In order for this our Nation to progress and move on it is necessary for its borders to be reshaped from the actual artificial ones created by European foreigners during the XIX century.


1. Art - The Great African Federation is a Defence, Cultural and Economical Alliance a true Central Africa Commonwealth of Peoples and Nations.

Each Nation selects a maximum authority which is appointed by their respective elected head of State known as First Council.


2. Art. – There is no Headquarters, it meets successively in a rotation mode.


3. Art. – The Alliance will last as long has at least two of its member Countries would be interested in its existence of the Alliance.

Chapter V. AIMS

4. Art. – To defend all the states that forms the Commonwealth.
5. Art. – To promote education and training for the population living in the Counties of the Alliance. And to increase their chances of employability social and economic development and decrease the rate of illiteracy to at least 100%
6. Art. – To Monitor and denounce every kind of Human Rights abuse taking place in any area or country of this Commonwealth.
7. Art. – Assist and encourage the set up of projects and work out actions for development areas in the nations of the Central Africa Commonwealth.

Chapter VI. POWERS

The Commonwealth has no Political or Military Power as such it’s only a place for open, honest, human, ethical and moral dialog aimed at fostering cooperation between the Sovereign Countries of the Alliance.

8. Art. – The Commonwealth as an administrative body maintain its offices and staff by grants given in equal amounts by the Sovereign Countries members of the Alliance;
9. Art. – Power to co-operate with other institutions, voluntary bodies and statutory authorities operating in furtherance of the objects or similar purposes and to exchange information and advice with them;
10. Art.– Power to establish any charitable trusts, to establish all the necessary overseas Representation Chapters in any country to help accomplish its aims, associations and institutions formed for all or any of the aims;

11. Art. – Power to do all such all lawful things as necessary for the achievement of the aims;
12. Art. – Power to appoint and constitute such advisory committees as the Directors Board may think fit.


13. Art. – Membership to join the Central African Commonwealth is open to:

A - All African Nations, Countries and Legitimate Governments, with a real and genuine interested in furthering the Aims and Principles of the Alliance;

14. Art. – Every member state shall have one vote, regardless of their position and how much it contributes to the Commonwealth Alliance.

15. Art. - At the annual general meeting or Convention of the Commonwealth both the General Secretary and the Treasurer will be elected (or re-elected) to hold office from the conclusion of that meeting.

16. Art. – Elections shall be hold every three years to choose the Management Committee.

17. Art. – Only member’s states that are up date with their contributions will be part of the electorate and hold right to vote.

18. Art. - The minimum requirements for the acceptance of a new Government of a member State to be recognized and accepted as a full member by the Federation General Board, The Alliance Federal Council, are:

a) The Constitutions of the member State requesting admission to the Federation.
b) List of the Government Officials, with a minimum of 5 names including their official contact detains.
c) The submission of Nations Flag and National Symbols.
d) A description of the Nations history and cultural identity.
e) Other requirements may be needed has per the General Secretary office or the General Assembly request.


19. Art. – The Alliance Federal Council shall be composed with a:

a. One (1) First Consul from each Sovereign Country. The First Consuls will be the legally elected President of the Nation or head of Governments which ever case the Sovereign Country decides in their own parliament, the First Councils are the only persons with power and right of vote or cast a ballot in any voting that may take place.
b. Equally there shall be appointed one (1) Vice-Consul from each Sovereign Country, without right of vote.
c. One (1) Secretary General or Speaker, without right of vote.
d. Four (4) Chancellor of the Treasurer, without right of vote.
e. And three (3) elected officers elected and selected by each Sovereign Government to form: The Fiscal Committee of the organization.
f. Government Officials may attend the Alliance Federal Council, and only in number necessary not to exceed more than 7.

Except Advisers who will be appointed by the Fiscal Committee, all others shall come to power through electoral process.

Chapter IX. FUNDS

20. Art. – The first funds will by supplied by all Central or National Banks and channelled through the Commonwealth.
21. Art.- All Central Banks will contribute in equal amounts.



22. Art. – Approve or disapprove laws voted by the Federal Council for the Organization’s furtherance;
23. Art. - Read and sign important papers-work which required signature;
24. Art. – Commit themselves soul and heart to seek ways and means for the achievement of the Alliances aims;
25. Art. – Guide all members in a direction that focus only on the Alliance’s aims achievements;
26. Art. – Dismiss Directors Board members for misbehaviour after analysis of case in Assembly;
27. Art. – Draw guidelines over the Alliance’s projects.


28. Art. – Draw projects to be realised for the Alliance’s aims achievement;
29. Art. – Raise funds, promote the Alliances image and perception;
30. Art. – Play the bridge between all departments of the Alliance to facilitate the course of their actions;
31. Art. – Convene meetings, set up dates of Federal Council Assemblies and draw minutes of every meeting.


32. Art. – Keep up all fiscal books;
33. Art. – Invite and receive contributions from every member Country;
34. Art. – Control scrupulously all incoming and outgoing funds to avoid bankruptcy in the alliance’s accounts;
35. Art. – Draw a quarterly fiscal report of the Alliance finances.


36. Art. – Control all the financial system of the Alliance, detect failures and provide advice for its good run.


37. Art. – The Law systems adopted by the Commonwealth are the Common Law system which is similar to the system of rule of law native.

38. Art. – Every member Country, regardless, that act’s contrary to the aims of the Commonwealth Alliance depending on the level of their actions can be after examination and consideration in a Grand Assembly suspended their full membership from the Commonwealth Alliance.


39. Art. – The Alliance shall hold two Federal Councils General Assemblies in a year to propose and discuss points for the development, welfare and good administration of the Alliance. An extraordinary Grand Assembly can be convened when requested and deemed necessary by two or more of its member Countries.



b) A Grand Assembly of the Nations will be sought to bring this regulations into full authority of power of law.

c) DELINEATIONS OF TERRITORY AND NATIONAL BOUNDARIES AND FRONTIERS: The national boarders of the States forming the alliance are drawn following and respecting the natural linguistic and national tribal areas.

d) The first headquarters’ location, it is accorded to be established in the city of Cabinda.

e) As per decision of the countries members in this act are also established the London’s Chapter, the Venezuela’s Chapter, the Bolivia’s Chapter and the Italy Chapter.

f) The countries members in this assembly designate as our first Secretary General, The Rt. Hon. Mangovo Ngoyo and encourage him to establish all the necessary international relations with Governmental and Privates NG’s Organizations in order to benefit the principles and mission of our Federation.

Giving in the city of Bukavu on the day of our Lord, 4 July 2007.

Federation of the Free States of Africa



Secretary General
Mangovo Ngoyo
Email: [email protected]