Federal Republic of Kongo

Head of State

- President of the Republic, Head of State: MAVUAZA MASSAMBA JEAN

Presidential Resolution No. 101/2007

Taking into consideration:

Whereas, the Article 46 states and authorizes the President of the Republic to names the civil and military high positions and it delegates attributions with expressed resolution for the effect.

Whereas, the Federal Republic of Kongo requires the competence of suitable persons to accompany the President of the Republic in the Government's new stage, to consolidate all the achievements reached so far.


The President of the Federal Republic of Kongo, MAVUAZA MASSAMBA JEAN in use of the Presidential constitutional attributions and by the grace of God.


Article First. - To name a new Government Cabinet Council, according to the following:

Government Cabinet of the Federal Republic of Kongo


- Prime Minister, Minister for the Civil Service: Luvuvamu Mbuta
- Deputy Prime Minister and First Secretary of State: Ndinga Mbote

- Secretary of the Treasury: Maya Nkuna
- Chief Secretary to the Treasury: Matondo Celine
- Minister of the Economy: Nkunku Matuba
- Minister Paymaster General:
- Minister Financial Secretary:
- Minister Economic Secretary:

- Governor of the Central Bank of Central Kongo: Mangovo Ngoyo
- Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Central Kongo: Mampuya Mambu

- Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs: Mangovo Ngoyo
- Deputy Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs:
- Minister of State for Africa: Muzita Ngunu

- Secretary of State for the Home Department: Nsakala Mpanzu
- Minister for Public Works: Mamona Meso
- Minister for Religious Affairs: Piaki Gilbert
- Minister of Immigration:

- Secretary of State for Justice: Kimpeti wonda
- Minister of Law:
- Minister of Constitutional Matters:
- Leader of the House of Commons (Federal Republic of Central Kongo Parliament): Ngoma Nsimba

- Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government: Wabela Mpu
- Minister for Women and Equality:
- Minister for Women and Equality: Mananga Ma Moyo

- Secretary of State for Culture, Media: Nzimbukusu Ndilu
- Minister of Public Communication: Tomba Ntela
- Minister of Culture, Costumes and Tradition:
- Minister of Information and Media:

- Secretary of State for Defence: Malueka Ndongala
- Minister of State for Defence:
- Minister of Military Intelligence:

- Secretary of State for Education and Skills: Mpisulu a Kanda
- Minister of Education:
- Minister of Professional Skills:

- Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural: Biata Mbongo
- Minister of Environment:
- Minister of Food Produce:
- Minister if Rural:

- Secretary of State for Health: Buela Bumata
- Minister of Public Health: Kiesse Kimbisi

- Minister of Health Education:
- Minister of Hospitals:

- Secretary of State for International Development: Mpanzu Nkodila
- Minister of State for International Trade: Mboma Nguala

- Secretary of State for Trade and Industry: Mbuata Mbungu
- Minister of Energy: Masonama Dimonekene
- Minister of Trade:
- Minister of Industry:

- Secretary of State for Transport and Communications: Mpingu Nsimoko
- Minister of Transport:
- Minister of Telecommunications:

- Secretary of State for Work and Pensions: Madiela Mbabu
- Minister of Work:
- Minister of Pensions:

- Attorney General: Mankueno Nkodi
- Supreme Court Judge:
- Supreme Court Judge:
- Supreme Court Judge:
- Supreme Court Judge:
- Supreme Court Judge:
- Supreme Court Judge:
- Supreme Court Judge:

Article Second. - The officials take possession of their official posts, and may exercise their functions according to the strategy of National security.

Given and signed on the Presidential Office, on the day of the month of July in the year 2007.

President of the Federal Republic of Kongo

Shadow Cabinet

The Shadow Cabinet (also called the Shadow Front Bench) is a senior group of opposition spokespeople in the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Central Kongo system of government who together under the leadership of the Leader of the Opposition (or the leader of other smaller opposition parties) form an alternative cabinet to the government's, whose members shadow or mark each individual member of the government. Members of a shadow cabinet are often but not always appointed to a Cabinet post if and when their party gets into government. It is the Shadow Cabinet's responsibility to pass criticism on the current government and its respective legislation, as well as offering alternative policies.

The major opposition party and specifically its shadow cabinet is often called The Federal Republic of Central Kongo Loyal Opposition. The adjective "loyal" is used because, while the role of the opposition is to oppose the Federal Republic of Central Kongo Government, it does not dispute His Excellency the President right has Head of State and therefore the legitimacy of the government.

Some parliamentary parties elect all the members of their shadow cabinets in a party room ballot, with the Leader of the Opposition then allocating portfolios to the Shadow Ministers. In other parliamentary parties, the membership and composition of the Shadow Cabinet is generally determined solely by the Leader of the Opposition.


The form of citizenship oath and pledge is as follows for registration of or naturalisation as a Central Kongo citizen:


"I, [name], swear by Almighty God that, on becoming a Central Kongo citizen, I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to the Federal Republic of Kongo, and its legitimate Democratically and Constitutionally elected Government according to law."

"I will give my loyalty to the Federal Republic of Central Kongo and respect its rights and freedoms. I will uphold its democratic values. I will observe its laws faithfully and fulfil my duties and obligations as a Central Kongo citizen."


Mandanda ma Kimbangi kia minu i nzila ndungusulu a luzolo mu kitika musi Nsi wa kilansi kia Kongo:


"Mono (nkumbu), Ngieti dia ndefi va ntadisi a Tata Nzambi, ye kituka musi Nsi wa kilansi kia Kongo.
Ngina kala wakuikama ye luzitu lua kedika mu kilansi kia Kongo."


"Ngina vana kedika ye luzituluame lualo mu kilansi kia Kongo mu kimpuanza kiakio.
Ngina landa minsiku miamio ye ngina mo zitisa kadi lolo i lutumu kua mono mu kituka musi Nsi wa kilansi kia Kongo."

I bobo ntele

Speech Accepting the Office of:

President Elect by the Parliament of Kongo

Nzo za Mfumu za Mpemba Nkazi

My good friend citizens of the Federal Republic of Kongo, to my own wife, my family, and to all of my fellow Kongo Citizens here assembled, and Kivians across the world.

I accept your nomination has President Elect by the constitutionally and lawfully formed Parliament of Federal Kongo with a deep sense of humility.

I accept, too, the responsibility that goes with it.
My fellow Kongo Citizens, our cause is great.

Our task would be too great for any man, did he not have with him the hearts and the hands of this great People, Parliament and Government of Federal Kongo, and I promise you today that every fibre of my being is consecrated to our cause; that nothing shall be lacking from the struggle that can be brought to it by enthusiasm, by devotion, and plain hard work.

From this moment, united and determined, we will go forward together, dedicated to the ultimate and undeniable greatness of the Federal Republic of Kongo. Together - Together we will triumph, what we can do and what we shall do is to deserve victory, and victory will be ours.

The good Lord raised this mighty Federal Republic of Central Kongo to be a home for the brave and to flourish as the land of the free.

Now, my fellow Kongo Citizens, the tide has been running against freedom.

Our people have followed false prophets. We must, and we shall, return to proven ways - because they are old, and because they are true.

Security from domestic violence, no less than from foreign aggression, is the most elementary and fundamental purpose of any Government and a government that cannot fulfil this purpose is one that cannot long command the loyalty of its citizens.
History shows us - it demonstrates that nothing, nothing prepares the way for tyranny more than the failure of public officials to keep the streets, farms, towns and cities safe.

Those who seek to live your lives for you, to take your liberties in return for relieving you of yours, those who elevate the state and downgrade the citizen must see ultimately a world in which earthly power can be substituted for Divine Will, and this Nation was founded upon the rejection of that notion and upon the acceptance of God as the author of freedom.

Now those who seek absolute power, even though they seek it to do what they regard as good, are simply demanding the right to enforce their own version of heaven on earth. Absolute power does corrupt, and those who seek it must be suspect and must be opposed. Their mistaken course stems from false notions of equality.

It is further the cause to remind ourselves, that only the strong can remain free, that only the strong can keep the peace.

Now, we in Kongo can keep the peace only if we remain vigilant and only if we remain strong. Only if we keep our eyes open and keep our guard up can we prevent war. And I want to make this abundantly clear: I don't intend to let peace or freedom be torn from our grasp because of lack of strength or lack of will - and that I promise you.

And I pledge that the Federal Republic of Kongo I envision in the years ahead will extend its hand in health, in teaching and in cultivation, so that all new nations will be at least encouraged - encouraged! - to go our way, so that they will not wander down the dark alleys of oppression.

I seek a united Kongo proud of its customs, proud of its Traditions, and determined actively to proclaim them.

In our vision of a good and decent future, free and peaceful, there must be room, room for deliberation of the energy and the talent of the individual.

We must assure a society here which, while never abandoning the needy or forsaking the helpless, nurtures incentives and opportunities for the creative and the productive. We must know the whole good is the product of many single contributions.

We seek a government that attends to its inherent responsibilities of maintaining a stable free and a competitive economy and enforcing law and order.

I accept your nomination with humbleness, with pride, and you and I are going to fight for the goodness of our Country and land of Kongo.



Federation of the Free States of Africa



Secretary General
Mangovo Ngoyo

Email: [email protected]