The Creation of the Colonial Africa Borders - Problem

Presently we in Africa have the scars of the Conference of Berlin which have created artificial states with the forced and inconsistent amalgamation of Native States and without their regards and consent.

Therefore “countries” called Congo Brazzaville, Congo Kinshasa, Angola, Nigeria, Senegal, Kenya and others will always problems, because they do not constitute a Country such as England for Example but they are in fact and they constitute several countries with their specific culture, national Identity, own separate language, own architecture, own history.

Lets look for Example to the so called Country of “Angola”

For example lets give and example of the “country” of Angola lets see how it is formed.

So as you can see there are huge problems raised by the implications of people not knowing what they where doing.

The present map of 1887 shows that the European Powers who divided up Central Africa did not have any knowledge or information on the nations and country’s they where setting up, as you can see it states unexplored, reason why is that only to coastal areas and only those who had natural conditions to be a natural port or harbour where settle by the Europeans mainly as trading hubs where products from the interior of Africa would come to the Port cities and from there they would be shipped to Europe.

And it is this problems that persist up to our days. No body seems to want to recognize that this actions by the Europeans of not following natural boundary of the pre-existent states is a grave problem that remains unsolved and unaddressed up to this day.

The Federation of Free States of Africa offers an opportunity to assist and help this nations and its people to regain its independence, through the knowledge of their unique cultural and historic heritage and to make amends to the chaos and confusion which they have been thrown into by the totally incompetent and unthoughtful bunch of incredible ignorant colonial office administrators who had no idea what so ever nor regards or respect for the native populations and their nations, the only thing they where good at was to trace lines on a map. And voilà new country’s mysteriously and artistic where made over night in led only by the light of pure and deep ignorance of the continent history and its people and nations.

Until this problem is properly and fully addressed and a natural and satisfactory solution achieved, problem of endemic corruption, puppet governments, chaos, war, injustice, destruction will constitute an impediment for progress, peach and prosperity in Africa.

The Federation of Free States of Africa is a great opportunity to make a great work in favour of people who have nothing, who are being exploited and who have no prospects, of hope nor future other than the chaos and confusion in which they have been placed in by the short sighted colonial authorities.

Mangovo Ngoyo, FFSA
Secretary General


Federation of the Free States of Africa



Secretary General
Mangovo Ngoyo

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