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Luena, 18 August 2008 - The king of ethnic Mbunda, Mwene Mbandu III, was installed, this Sunday, to the throne, the seat of municipal Bundes, Lumbala Nguimbo in ceremony presided by Prince Justin Frederick Katwiya.

58 years of age with a degree in languages and superior technical journalism, obtained in the Republic of Zambia, Mwene Mbandu III is the heir of her ancestral lineage of King Katavola-ka-Ngambo the region of the Mbundas. He was born in Lwati in Mwene Kazungo’s Palace. When his father died, he migrated to Zambia where he was brought up by Mwene Kalyangu (son of Mwene Mbandu) in Lwampa, Zambia.

King Mbandu III is son of Lifuti who is son of Litemba who is son of Kameya ka Bukolo bwa Ngambo. Mwene Ngambo was the daughter of Mwene Mphande who was the daughter of Mwene Chihola who was the daughter of Mwene Katete. His father was Mukwetunga Kayongo ka Nyahonge ya bipalo bya Kashukwe.

The now restored reign was interrupted following the capture and deportation of their monarch, Mwene Mbunda to unknown place and killed, by the political forces in Portugal, in 1914.

During the reign Bunda, coinciding with the expiry of the period of colonial domination, from 1914 to 1974, Mwene Kazungo Xander was always the king of all the tribe sobáš Mbunda.

Hierarchically Mwene Kazungo Xander was recognized and respected as supreme leader and heir to the crown Mbunda, having under its jurisdiction twenty-three sobáš, located in the municipalities of the Bundes and Zambia.

According to the municipal administrator of the Bundes, July Augusto Kuando the coronation of King Mbandu III is the result of a thorough work-minded team of people with rich reputation that discovered the place where the kingdom homeless and distorted by the power of foreign occupation.

The municipal administrator explained that before was impossible to carry out this act, due to armed conflict and was now accomplished with the achievement of peace in the country.

To remember that traditional authority is a figure of esteem and respect for the people of a particular jurisdiction, said The King is also the link between government, society and vice versa.

Sua Majestade Mwene Mbandu III, Lifuti Mbandu Rei MBUNDA

O Rei da etnia Mbunda, Mwene Mbandu III, foi investido ao trono, no dia 16 de Agosto de 2008, na sede municipal dos Bundas, Lumbala Nguimbo, em cerimónia presidida pelo príncipe zambiano, Justino Frederico Katwiya.

Na altura com 58 anos de idade, hoje a caminho dos 60 e pico, é licenciado em línguas e técnico superior de jornalismo, formado na República da Zâmbia, Mwene Mbandu III é
herdeiro de seus ancestrais da linhagem do rei Katavola-ka-Ngambo da região dos Bundas.

O reinado havia sido interrompido na sequência do aprisionamento e deportação do seu monarca, Mwene Mbunda, para lugar incerto, pelas forças políticas portuguesas, em 1974.

Durante o reinado Bunda, que coincidiu com a vigência do período da dominação colonial, 1914 a 1974, Mwene Kazungo Xande foi
sempre o Rei de todos os sobas da tribo Mbunda.

Hierarquicamente Mwene Kazungo Xande era reconhecido e respeitado como chefe supremo e herdeiro da coroa Mbunda, tendo sob sua jurisdição vinte e três sobas, localizados nos municípios dos Bundas e na Zâmbia.

Map showing the Zones of Mbunda People


Mwene Chitengi Chingumbe Chiyengele was the third Mbunda Chief to leave Mbundaland (now part of Angola) for Bulozi. Before we learn something about Mwene Chitengi Chingumbe Chiyengele we will do well to know about his background and his father Mwene Chingumbe in Mbundaland. Mwene Chingumbe was one of the progenitors of the Mbunda ya Mathzi and he is praised as follows:

Chingumbe cha muthela mwondo.

Mwene vathela milonga va Mbunda.

Which means:

Chingumbe who was bequeathed the royal drum called Mwondo.

The monarch who was bequeathed the leadership of the Mbunda Kingdom.

Mwene Chingumbe was born along the banks of the Mithimoyi, a tributary of the Lwena river at the Upper Zambezi. His father was Mukwetunga Mushinge and his mother was Vamwene Chioola. His advisors suggested it would be better to maybe leave Mbundaland for a safer place where his enemies would not feel threatened by his presence. The only place that was safe for him to settle was Bulozi since a covenant had already been made and Paramount Chief Ngombala had sworn that the Aluyi would never go to war with the Mbunda.

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